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Dear Dr. Smithers,


This letter is to thank you for your caring, skills and services.  Having Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy for over five years was pure misery.  I visited over 30 doctors in over a dozen states.  I scoured the computer for the best of the best, which included university professors and authors on Prolotherapy and Orthopedics.  Four of those even taught Prolotherapy while others focused on Stem Cells.  I even received advice on the countries leading scientist on cartilage.  If a doctor became established as extraordinary, I was there seeking treatment and even begging for treatment for the pain was like being boiled in oil.

The reason I have achieved health with you is due to your marvelous skill set.  You listen well, your diagnostic skills are superior and your needle placement is very accurate.  In addition, you have a caring and empathic nature focusing more on your patients and the people around you, then on yourself.

I cannot thank you enough nor can I praise you enough for I could not have survived much longer in that kind of pain.

Forever in you Debt,

Mark Walter

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