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Pain All Over

I became interested in pursuing ozone injections from Dr. Smithers after a friend received the treatments

and recommended it to me. I just finished my second round of injections in my neck, lower back, hips and both knees. I have experienced lower back/hip pain most of my adult life, endured a knee injury while white river rafting in my 20’s and have had progressively worsening neck pain since a car wreck in my early 30’s. For reference I am 47 yr old female in good health, active life style and a regular yoga practice. My neck pain had progressed to the point that my twice monthly chiropractic visits we’re not giving me any relief. I was experiencing numb burning spots down my right arm. I receive my first injections in January. I was a little tender and stiff for 2-3 days after. By the 3rd day all mild discomfort was gone and I noticed a 75-80% reduction in my neck, back and knee pain! It is now late February, I received my second round of injections into the same areas yesterday. I have experienced similar tenderness immediately following the injections however this time it is going away sooner. I am 1 day post injection and have already noticed a reduction in the discomfort I have lived with for years. Less stiffness in my neck and lower back. I’m excited to see where my healing is a week and month from now! I highly recommend this treatment and Dr Smithers! He Explained everything in detail and made sure I knew what to expect throughout each step during treatment. He was also very conscious of my comfort during and after my treatments. Dr. Smithers has been very caring and compassionate and seems to truly care about his patients recovery.
Thank you Dr Smithers!!

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