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My husband had severe sciatic pain so bad he was bed ridden. Because our regular Dr. was out of town we went to our chiropractor to try to get some relief. He was not able to get as much relief a he needed so Dr. Daly asked us to see Dr. Smithers – another Dr. in his office.. What a BLESSING!! Dr. Smithers is the best of both worlds Eastern and Western medicine!  He suggested something called PROLOZONE therapy and within 30 minutes my husband’s pain was almost completely gone. He was smiling and able to sleep for the first time in 4 days.  As far as I’m concerned With God’s help Dr. Smithers performed a miracle. Please if you are having some chronic pain issues or even just a soft tissue injury go see him.  GREAT bed side manner, asks relevant questions . A Dr. that is willing to think outside of the box is an awesome thing! We can’t say enough wonderful things about him.
Calvin and Stephanie Parker
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