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Stage 4 Cancer

In Oct of 2013 I was diagnosed with stage 4 Cholangiocarcinoma Malignant Neoplasm Cancer of the Bile Ducts of the Liver. In addition I had a tumor on the left lobe of the liver that ruptured and allowed cancer cells to escape and cake on the majority of my abdominal area. The issues, pain and effects are too numerous to mention. After 9 months of Chemo Therapy Treatments I was left with major issues with neuropathy in both my feet and partial in my left hand. I started prolozone treatments for my neuropathy with Dr. Smithers in late July 2014. After just a few treatments my neuropathy began to improve to the point the pain was less tense and I could walk without any aids. In August I started Ozone Therapy for my Bill Duct Liver Cancer. During this time Dr Smithers recommended supplements to help with my immune system and help restore my blood cells that the chemo treatments were destroying. Taking his advice my blood work has vastly improved to the point that very rare do I need any injections to boost my blood count. In addition I am not taking any prescribed drugs. I am only maintaining my health with the supplements recommended by Dr. Smithers

In Oct 2014 I had a C-Scan and the diagnosis was unbelievable. All previous cancer that had escaped to my abdominal area was gone only minor scaring on certain organs. The tumor was reduced and without surgery the doctors cannot be sure if I have cancer or not in my liver due to the deep scaring of the tumor and liver. I will continue taking the treatments and supplements in hope that I will improve to a point I can discontinue Chemo Therapy Treatments.

Dr Smithers was a huge factor for me getting my health back to where I now can go back to my normal daily life such as biking, taking trips, and enjoying my family.

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