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Dear Dr. Smithers,

I just wanted to thank you for treating my trigeminal neuralgia pain.

In May of 2012  I hit my head on a concrete ledge resulting in severe head trauma with unusual and very painful symptoms that followed—throbbing, knife stabbing, severe tension in and around my head, constant clicking noise, and my soft palate in continual motion.  I was first diagnosed with TMJ for which I was given an appliance to align my jaw.  Which did not take away the severe pain I was feeling in my sinuses, teeth, face and head.  After seeing 3 different ENT’s because I thought it was all in my sinuses, my family doctor sent me to a neurologist who scheduled me for an MRI of my brain in August of 2013.  The MRI came back normal.  He diagnosed me with palatal myoclonus and referred me to Mayo Clinic.  After reading their treatment for palatal myoclonus on the internet, I was very discouraged.   That pain never left me, it was 24/7 and the pain started to increase.  My dentist gave me tramadol for the pain, which did provide some relief, but never took the pain away totally.  My dentist then wanted to try to get my teeth aligned to see if that would take any of my pain away.  I wore a palate spreader for 4 months and then started the invisalign braces.  As my teeth moved, I would once in while feel like maybe it would take away my pain, but it never did.  In Jan 2016  the original pain was back in full force.  I went to see my ENT and he diagnosed me with trigeminal neuralgia and palatal myoclonus which had returned.  He gave me the drug gabapentin.  This drug made me nauseous, turned my urine orange and made my head feel strange.  After a week, I stopped taking it and went back on the tramadol.  In Feb. 2016, I went down to Dr. Lieurance for treatment of palatal myoclonus and trigeminal neuralgia.  The FCR helped the palatal myoclonus but the trigeminal nerve pain was still there.  So Dr. Lieurance recommended I see Dr. Smithers  for Prolozone therapy.  After just one treatment my pain was the least that it had been since I hit my head in May of 2012!  It was incredible to me that one treatment could resolve so much pain!   I believe that one more treatment will take away my pain completely. Without all the pain, I have more energy and don’t feel like I am in a constant state of tension.  I wish all those suffering from trigeminal neuralgia would be aware of this noninvasive treatment for relief of their pain and restoration of the nerve. I am so thankful for Dr. Smithers and the Prolozone therapy! — For his expertise, knowledge, care, compassion, and understanding!

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