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Metabolic endotoxemia is linked to a broad range of chronic conditions, from heart disease and autoimmunity to anxiety, insomnia and depression. It is also common trigger of insulin resistance diabetes and weight gain. It is marked by an increase in serum LPS during the first five hours following meal consumption. LPS are large molecules found in the outer membranes of pathogenic gram-negative bacteria. If they cross over from the gut Lumen into the bloodstream, they can elicit a strong immune response. This condition is particularly problematic in patients with intestinal permeability, which increases the risk of systemic inflammation.  The bovine derived immunoglobulins in Gut Food & Repair by Biome and Beyond, convey powerful anti-inflammatory in immunomodulatory effects in humans. The research shows that colostrum can restore a leaky gut lining to normal permeability levels and the immunoglobulins present are especially impressive at combating gut pathogens, including h-pylori, E coli and protozoan parasites and amoebas. Visit for more information or call us today at 941-444-6336.

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