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Rotator Cuff

I would highly recommend Dr. A. Smithers if you are considering an alternative to orthopedic surgery. My shoulder has been in pain for months and after finding out I have some rotor cuff tears, I decided to pursue Prolotherapy with Dr. A. Smithers. The result so far has been outstanding! The first night after the shots was still painful, but... Read more »

Pain All Over

I became interested in pursuing ozone injections from Dr. Smithers after a friend received the treatments

and recommended it to me. I just finished my second round of injections in my neck, lower back, hips and both knees. I have experienced lower back/hip pain most of my adult life, endured a knee injury while white river rafting in my 20’s

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Prolozone and Prolotherapy

Dr. Alex Smithers is outstanding…a talented Dr. Who is extremely passionate about healing as well as the skills involved in rejuvenative therapies. I go to him for ozone (prolozone) and dextrose (prolotherapy) injections. Have gone to him already at least 8 times. He uses ultrasound to diagnose and monitor and his injections really work. Best of all he’s a great

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Got My Life Back

I was told i needed surgery and that i should file for social security disability… I thought my life was over . Thanks to Dr Smithers i didn’t have to do either.. I will be eternally grateful… I’m back at work and looking forward to a bright future..

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