Integral Medicine of Sarasota and Manatee Co.

This is Alex Smithers.  I founded the Integral Medicine clinic in an attempt to bring an intelligent, practical, and refined integration of Conventional and Complementary, Western and Eastern medicine to the community.  My goal is to offer more with less. In other words I aim to bring the patient to a state of well being as quickly as possible, while keeping the treatment plans as practical, as simple, and as cost effective as possible.  I believe that this is what enhances patient compliance and compliance is essential for positive outcomes.

The clinic will use an Integrative Medical approach to treat all forms of illness, disease and dysfunction.  At the same time, we will explore the broader implications of disease and shine light on how and why certain diseases originate and develop.

Founded on the principles of compassion, honesty and responsibility, Integral Medicine will engage in a new system of health care that is emerging in this country.  One based on actual health care rather than that of disease care.  A system in which the entire person is acknowledged in the treatment of disease rather than merely the symptoms they are presenting with.  Cooperation from both Eastern and Western practitioners will be necessary, however, as it is only in the integration of both of these systems, integrating the best of both worlds, that will offer the patient the most benefit.  This is the vision and hope of Dr. Smithers and Integral Medicine.

Alternative Cancer Solutions

What is GcMAF?   GcMAF (Gc protein macrophage activation factor) is an immune-modulating protein that is showing great promise for a long list of immune related illnesses. It has been used in HIV and cancer for several years. More recently, doctors and researchers have been considering GcMAF for use in patients with illnesses that most of us will recognize. GcMAF […] » Continue reading

Cytotoxic Chemotherapy and 5-year Survival (Horrible Outcomes)

The Contribution of Cytotoxic Chemotherapy to 5-year Survival in Adult Malignancies Graeme Morgan*, Robyn Wardy, Michael Bartonz *Department of Radiation Oncology, Northern Sydney Cancer Centre, Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney, NSW; yDepartment of Medical Oncology, St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney, NSW; zCollaboration for Cancer Outcomes Research and Evaluation, Liverpool Health Service, Sydney, NSW, Australia  2004 The Royal College of Radiologists. […] » Continue reading

Prolozone For Pain

Prolozone Therapy What Is Prolozone Therapy? Prolozone is a form of non-surgical ligament reconstruction and is a permanent treatment for chronic pain. Prolozone is a connective tissue injection therapy of collagen producing substances and ozone gas which can reconstruct damaged or weakened connective tissue in and around joints. These substances are injected into the damaged connective tissue in and around […] » Continue reading